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Ministry of Science and ICT
Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh

Paperless Admission System of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology(SUST)

শাহজালাল বিজ্ঞান প্রযুক্তি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের কাগজবিহীন ভর্তি প্রক্রিয়া


This is totally a new concept in Bangladesh for the Admission Test in all public and private universities. It is initiated and designed to reduce the travel cost and hassle of candidates who attempt for applying in one or many universities in whole country after passing their Higher Secondary Examination/Equivalent Examination. It delivers a smart registration system and payment method to the applicant of university admission test. It doesn’t require filling up any traditional application form, bank draft even any attested documents!


1) SMS Based Registration

All candidates just need to send their HSC information from any Tele-Talk prepaid mobile phone. Their information will then be verified by the results collected from Education Boards. Eligible candidates will have a confirmation message as a reply SMS on his/her mobile phone instantly. Finally the application fees of admission test will be deducted from applicant’s mobile phone and will be notified via a SMS with Admission Test Roll Number. All candidates also receive their admission test seat no and result via SMS. It’s very easy and simple. No hassle to come to the campus and fill-up the traditional application form! It saves the valuable time of candidates as it takes a couple of minute to complete the whole registration process.


2) Automated Result Processing System

All answer scripts are passed through an OMR machine and a text file is generated. This is done by any third party company by their OMR machine. Then the text file is used as input of the Result Processing Software where all conditions are predefined in software logically. Finally, after processing the given text file, the complete result is generated as output with a single click in the system.


3) Result Publishing

Once the result is published officially by the admission test committee, anyone can check the result by sending a single SMS from any mobile phone operator. 

4) Paperless Admission of Successful Candidates

Once a candidate has passed admission test successfully is required to participate in an Admission Viva and is required to fill-up many forms for completing admission. This time SUST has done all these steps by a Web-Application for every steps of admission such as personal data entry, certificate and photo verification, admission viva, automatic department selection by merit position and eligibility, and so on. In final step, Registrar section just approve the student by a single click from their own terminal and then three separate admission certificates are printed for student, department and registrar section respectively. The photo of each student was scanned earlier and printed on the certificate!


It was a 24/7 service and candidates registered themselves this year through SMS at any time of the day even in Eid Day! We had hotline (24/7) service where we received mountains of calls! We were experienced by each and every call! 

We would like to open this for all public universities of Bangladesh to reduce the hassle of candidates and guardians. It will save huge time, cost and paper which is really positive (eco-friendly!) for human and environment.